Z-Wave KFOB -- HABmin


i have started with openHAB yesterday and i got OH and habmin working, also my usb uzb z-wave stick.
Node 1 is my ZME_UZB Z-Wave Plus USB Controller and is showing correctly (green icon).

Now i have a z-wave key remote (KFOB2) but isn’t working. I also don’t know exactly what to do next.
I can now see 6 nodes (including my usb controller), but all the others are gray and don’t show any information apart from “Generic Device Class” = REMOTE_SWITCH.
Trying to include it but with no success. I am a little bit lost in space.
I have seen that same topic on google groups from 2 years ago but it didn’t help me to understand my problem.
What should i do?

Thanks for help,

PS: I have a hard time to beliebe that openHab/habmin can’t even get a
key remote working properly - i mean that is one of the first thing one
might buy to test the whole HomeAutomation thing … at least my fakro rollershutter seems to work fine :blush:

Any updates on this?

I’m also interested in this subject…

It would be useful to know what you are trying to do…

What have you tried to do? What does the log show? What happens when you wake the device up?

Actually, I’m not trying to do anything right now.
I’m evaluating openHAB, to see if it can fit my requirements.
Read http://jpmens.net/2014/01/14/a-story-of-home-automation/ - it seems interesting, however, I got a little bit worried with his story of KFOB not working.
One of the comments in that blog referred to here, so I just wanted to check if that’s fixed…

The KFOB should work - I’ve used one myself, as have others. Hence why I was asking what didn’t work for you so I could uderstand your problem :wink:.

Great then.
Future visitors coming from that blog will be relaxed now :slight_smile: