Z-Wave: Learning IR with the Remotec ZXT-120

Has anyone had any luck learning IR-codes to the ZXT-120 through OpenHAB?
I have application v1.20 of the unit, and it will just not cooperate.

I’ve done the following:

  • Powered with USB
  • Set it into always-on mode
  • Included in the network
  • All good this far, but then:

When setting parameter 27 to “000” and 25 to “0”, they stay “yellow” in Habmin console. I try pressing the button on the unit, but it flashes x4 and then again x4. But it never acknowledges the reception. The code is not mentioned in the manual; neither the physical one or the online-versions.

I am sure the unit is in always-on-mode, and it actually works when setting it to a known A/C type. But I need to learn the codes, as none of the standard ones can be used (my application: turning on a TV!)

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I eventually cracked the code… I even don’t know what specifically solved it, but after 6 hours of trial and error, the unit accepted IR-codes. Intuitive. Nice.

Did you discover what you did in the end?