[Z-Wave] Log 'Override type' with Devolo heating controller


I’ve just started my Smart Home using Openhab with z-wave actors/sensors. I first stared with Devolo Home Control, but the features of the software were so limited, that I decided to move direct to Openhab. But that’s the reason why I have a bunch of Devolo hardware in my setup.

All devices, which have been previously used with the Devolo controller have be excluded and then reset to factory settings, before the have been added to Openhab.

All 3 nodes are Devolo heating controller (MT02650; Devolo Thermostat (09356)). Node 3 is in one room and controlled by a Devolo Thermostat (014G0160 Z-Wave room sensor), node 16 and 18 in another room and also controlled by a second Devolo Thermostat (014G0160 Z-Wave room sensor).

I only set temperatures at the thermostats, I’m not touching the buttons on the heater controllers. I’ve created rules to adjust the setpoint of the heater controller, when

  • the temperature is manually changed at the thermostats or in the browser/app
  • a window is opened/closed
  • time based (day/night settings)

I have read the posts that the “Override” log messages are informational only, but I’ a bit concerned that from my 3 Devolo heating controller (all ) one is reporting “Permanent_Override” and the two others “No_Override”. I would like to have all three working in the same mode.

2018-11-26 00:44:37.075 [INFO ] [veClimateControlScheduleCommandClass] - NODE 3 reported: Override type: PERMANENT_OVERRIDE, ScheduleState: [SETBACK -2.0]
2018-11-26 00:46:34.665 [INFO ] [veClimateControlScheduleCommandClass] - NODE 16 reported: Override type: NO_OVERRIDE, ScheduleState: [UNUSED]
2018-11-26 00:46:54.603 [INFO ] [veClimateControlScheduleCommandClass] - NODE 18 reported: Override type: NO_OVERRIDE, ScheduleState: [UNUSED]

Does anyone knows how to set the Override type and ScheduleState?

best regards,

Platform information:
Release = Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
Kernel = Linux 4.14.79-v7+
Platform = Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3
z-wave controller Razberry2
openHAB version: 2.3.0-1

I don’t have the answer to your question. Just some (updated: 2018-10-08) info that you may find useful here (page 75 of doc, 101 of pdf):

Hi Angelos,
Thank you for the manual. As this is a thermostat I found at pages 560ff some specifications. I assume that this setting is decreasing the set temperature by 0.2° permanent.

From the Command Class Specification I learned, that I would have to use the command class COMMAND_CLASS_THERMOSTAT_SETBACK with the command THERMOSTAT_SETBACK_SET with the value 0xef to permanent decrease the setpoint temperature by 2 °. This would compensate the temperature difference between the thermostat at 1.5m hight and the heating control, which is next to the floor at 0.1m.

Theoretically everything is clear, but how can I do that? The device has no channel, which I could use to send commands and how do I have to translate the command class and the command to a value?

I’ve seen there is a REST API, but I’m not sure, if that would be the right way and how to use it.


Hi weejan,

i have the same issue.
Have you found out a solution to stop the log entries?

Thanks and best regards

Hi Stef,

There is no channel defined to pass the values and I had not found the time yet to figure out, how to do this with the REST api.

But even when I manage to change the settings, the log entries will continue.

I’ll post an update when I found a solution.


Hi Han,

thanjs for your quick reply

So i have to wait …

Gruß Stefan Heinz
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Same messages in log with Danfoss LC-13 Firmware 1.1 and openhab zwave binding Snapshot 2.5.0 from 20190128

Maybe information helps.