Z-wave logs

I’m having a lot of problems with my z-wave network. I’m using the z-way hat as a controller. I would like to see the z-wave log but since moving to OH3 I’m not sure how to do it ?
My main issue is the slowness of the responses.I can see from the OH log that OH is receiving commands from my RFXCom switches, running the rules associating with those commands but then there is a long pause (up to 20 secs) before the actual z-wave dimmers respond. So I would like to investigate what is happening on the network. I have a lot of z-wave devices (32) and the mesh is robust as a result.
I’m running OH3 Main on a RPi 3.

Here are directions to set up debug logging for z-wave.

Thank-you :slight_smile: . I spent so long searching for this I gave up and asked for help. That’s exactly what I need. There will be more questions to follow though. I had nearly the whole house set up using PLCBus which has now stopped being manufactured. This left me vulnerable to a single point of failure leaving me in darkness so I decided to switch over entirely to z-wave. It’s a steep learning curve !