Z-Wave LZW31-SN disappeared from database?

Is anyone else having trouble with their Inovelli Red Series switch no longer acting right in OpenHAB3?

All of mine now show up as not configured, though Items created with them are still working fine. It’s just if I go to the Thing view, it’s empty, without a Channels or a Code tab:

If I delete it and re-add it using the Z-Wave Scan button, it comes back, but doesn’t recognize it. But at least it’s showing the missing Channels and Code tabs again:

I’m running OH 3.1.0.M2

I just checked and the first database export for that item occurred after Milestone 2 was released. I believe Milestone 3 is available now.

I would normally recommend a snapshot version of the binding but I suspect snapshots no longer work with M2 due to some breaking changes.

Thanks, Bruce. I had missed that M3 came out.

Updating fixed it. The Channels and Code tabs are back and fully populated!

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