Z.Wave-me Bridge Error

Okay, new to all this in many ways so please take it easy with any questions and suggestions…

Running OH3 on a VM of Ubuntu (actually on a Synology NAS but I believe that shouldn’t be relevant?). Standard install and using the UI throughout. I’ve added the Z-wave binding successfully and then the Z-wave Serial Controller (less successfully). Open ports on the Ubuntu VM are tty0, ttyS0 and ttyACM0 (only the last of which is USB based so must be the Z-wave stick). However, despite using this as the serial port ("/dev/ttyACM0") under Port Configuration the system continues to report the Thing with “Error: Bridge”

I have tried both a soft and hard reset, and the other ports for the hell of it, but can’t see a way to get the bridge online. Any suggestions, or additional information required to support problem solving?

Thanks, Al