Z-Wave - Merten Connect 2f

I have the following problem.

My aim is to control a Z-Wave Network with alot of Merten UP Connect recievers and alot of Merten Connect 2f Switches (they have two Buttons = 4 positions)

iam using at the moment for test cases the Aeonlabs Z-Stick Gen5 under Windows 10.

I already managed to get the recievers running and i can switch them via openHAB, now i try to read the states of the switches. But its not working.

Most of the time i dont get any Error, sometimes it gives me
[WARN ] [.o.b.z.i.p.c.ZWaveCommandClass] - NODE 2: Unsupported command class MULTI_INSTANCE_ASSOCIATION

the item
Switch Button "Button1" (gFF) {zwave="002:1:command=BASIC"}

i would be so happy if anyone can help me.

the following Item worked for the reciever
Switch Light_1 "Light1" <whites> (gFF,Lights) {zwave="003:respond_to_basic=true"}