Z-wave: Missing configurations in Habmin for new versions of HW Stuff

Hi there,
sorry if it’s wrong thread, but I would like to know some solution - I’m using OH V1.8 and Habmin and have bought a couple of new Fibaro z-wave devices. The problem is that in Habmin they showed like ID:XX, Type:YY - e.g they are not known for HABMIN. I think this is because of new firmware version.
I would like to set some parameters and also associations, but it looks like if device is unknown to Habmin, there is no way to configure these devices.
I know that there is a device database somewhere, but it looks, that it’s only updated for Habmin 2, not Habmin.

So I’m a bit stucked here…

For oh 1.x you’ll find the database here

Open an issue to have the device added to the database.