Z-wave motion sensors unresponsive

I’m newish to z-wave still so please excuse the question if this is already known, I couldn’t find the answer when searching. For some reason, most nights around 8-9PM my motion sensors refuse to respond for a few minutes. The light on the sensors (which usually blinks green when motion is detected) is stuck on while this is happening. I had originally thought this was the heal process happening and just taking time. My configuration however should only trip the heal at 2AM to avoid those issues. The only thing I can think of is that the heal setting is assuming GMT and not local time (I’m -6HRS CST). I see nothing in the logs of relevance (I have not enabled debug or trace however yet). Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I’d advise you to do this - debug logging is all that’s needed. Without this we can discuss the possible causes for a while, but it just be speculation without something more solid to go on.

I just turned debugging on, now to wait until it happens again. Any reason to do trace?

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There are reasons to do trace, but not here. Trace level is really getting into the nitty gritty - any issue will show up with debug and its only if we need to go deeper will we need trace. Trace logging will generate a lot of data which is seldom needed so it’s best left off.

I ask you that question since the binding documentation explicitly says DEBUG. do not filter the logs either.