Z-Wave: MT02792 - Missing or invalid configuration - after updating to 3.3.0.M2

does anyone experience similar behavior or even better knows how to fix it.
I have two Devolo wall plugs (MT02792), worked great for 2 years now. After Updating to v3.3.0.M2 in now have both with Errors and they do not work anymore.

Error:Handler - missing or invalid configuration.
I even factory reset a switch to see if this would solve my issue, but NO - it finds the plug as a new device, even with correct Model/brand…but afterwards its not reacting to anything and again a “missing or invalid configuration”

Thansk for your thoughts,Norbert

openHAB 3.3.0.M2

Review my post here. It is the strict validation. You might have to change the zwave database depending on the debug message.


Oh lord - how i hate these updates from time to time. even if it love them as it brings openhab forward…

Seems to be a complex topic and i’m not really sure if i understand it a lot. With latest milestone some validation procedure got introduced to check if configurations are correct. and this seems to block my z-wave thing from working, right???

But how to fix it? is this zwave specific or any other binding related to configs may run into similar issues.


The post I linked outlines the steps to take. The core Debug message is usually pretty descriptive. And no, it is not limited to Zwave. A lot of the potential problems was reduced when @chris removed Zwave DB limits solving the signed/unsigned byte issue vis a vis the strict validation.


I have updated this device in the database two weeks ago. For me all is fine again with snapshot build #2787.

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