Z wave network sluggish after restarting OH2.5

I’m running OH 2.5 release on an RPi4 with Aeotec gen 5 controller. I noticed this on my RPi3 before migrating and this problem still persists:

After restarting the OH2 service, the z wave network is very sluggish. devices are slow to respond, if they do at all. After about an hour or so, longer if I clean the cache, the network stabilizes and responses are quick again. Some time ago, I had an issue with my zwave network becoming sluggish and after posting here, it was determined that I had configured some of my zwave devices such that they were flooding the network and overwhelming the controller.

I’ve got that issue resolved, but this startup issue still vexes me. Not sure where to start. I haven’t found any posts here with similar startup issues, So any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I’ll post a debug version of the zwave log sometime after a restart this weekend.