Z-Wave Network Tuning

Hey All,

I now have a number of Z-Wave modules and was wondering if there is anyway to tune the Z-Wave network, ie force nodes to try and use specific devices for routing.

Does it make any difference including devices in their final install location?

The reason I am asking is that I have some devices that are a distance away and I have a node used to relay back to the controller but the distant nodes sometimes try and connect back to the controller direct which is out of range and they go dead, when working they are using the node I installed as a relay.


I thought that was part of the ZWave protocol and should take care of this sort of issue. Sounds like you may have a node right on edge of the available range the controller can achieve.

My suggestion would be to put in another mains powered node, close to the modules your experiencing issues with.

No - this isn’t possible. As pointed out by @Maximo the network should take care of routing automatically. The binding does some requests to ensure routes are configured, but the actual setting of routes is done by the controller and not known by the binding.

Thanks for the info, I suspected as much.

Guess I will have to pad the network out a little with some more nodes.

Yes - you would have to do this in any case. If the controller thinks there’s a viable route with the current network, then it should have set it already.

With a mesh network, more is better (but unfortunately more expensive! :wink: ).

I wonder if there is no bug in the binding or driver. I have similar problem with nodes, located in farthest room from controller - I’m not sure if those are visible from it directly. The problem is that binding shows those modules yellow, e.g there are problems with communicaion and I often get delays on reaction.

The network tab in habmin showed, that some of those nodes see only one neighbour, which can’t be the case, as I have several routing nodes in the same room, couple of meters away, but installed later - and they are not shown in neighbours. Also heal date in node status was something old.
I tried to heal the network and nodes manually, but it just stuck in “WAITING” state. Only some nodes, which are closest to controller could make healing. So I wonder if there is anything correct there? Why remote nodes can not be healed?
Is there a problem with including? E.g when I included some of the devices, they were not in direct proximity of Controller.

@chris: Haven’t you mentioned anywhere around that you have (temporarily) deactivated the network heal feature in OH2? Or does this refer only to the regular automatic healing at night, so that a manual heal still works?!

The automatic heal doesn’t run at the moment, but you should note that routing is controlled directly by the controller - not the binding. The binding does send some commands to the controller to help it configure routes, but that’s all - this is performed either manually with the heal, and during startup.