Z-wave Network Viewer gives odd result

I have quite a few z-wave devices in my system now spread around a large house so I thought it would be interesting to have a look at the network viewer in Habmin to see how the mesh was organised. This is what I found

This is odd as the there appears to be more than 4 nodes between the 28 and 1, which is the controller. Also the only direct connection to that chain seems to be via node 12 which is a battery operated device. Node 22 is a wired device. I can only conclude that the network view in not very accurate. Is anyone else experiencing odd results with the network viewer ?

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I’m not sure how you can tell that from this diagram? There could be just 2 or 3 as node 28 could have a connections with any of the nodes, including node 12 which has a direct connection to node 1.

However, clearly this isn’t the full story since it’s not possible for the system to work as shown. As you point out, node 12 is a battery device (hence the red circle around it). Also, node 12 is only showing as being able to send to node 1, and not receive (hence the red line with a single array from node 12 to node 1).

What thus ultimately shows is that the neighbor list is not up to date. The diagram is showing the information it has from the network, but maybe the heal is not working or not updating the neighbors. This is only done periodically as it can impact the network performance.

Thanks Chris
I’ve physically moved the controller so it is closer to the majority of devices. This has immediately resulted in the following diagram

Which makes more sense as 21 is a wired device

It may take some time for all this to update as the binding doesn’t update the neighbor information used to generate this chart very often (as mentioned earlier - it just happens during the heal).

Having moved the raspberry to nearer the centre of the network and removed the cover off the rapsberry pi enclosure I have a much more interesting and I assume robust network


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