Z-Wave network viewer shows no links

I’m using openHABianpi with an Aeotec Z-stick, but when I look at the Z-Wave network viewer in HABmin, it shows all of the nodes with no neighbors. Things are communicating, and openhab is receiving instant updates from all of my switches, so I’m not sure anything is actually wrong. This just isn’t what I’m expecting to see.

Also, probably related, zwave_neighbours is blank on all of my devices, including the controller.

Yep - it’s the same thing - the graph uses the neighbor list to display the graph.

This information isnt currently updated in the current master binding. So, either ignore this for now, or, if you’re having problems with the mesh, then I’d suggest to look at using the development binding which does update neighbors -:

Ahh, thanks. The only weird issue I’m seeing is that my HS-WS100+ isn’t reporting its status to OpenHAB, but the scene changes via button presses do get passed. For now, I’m just doing a postUpdate from the scene change. All my GE light switches are reporting status properly.