Z-Wave Network Viewer

Hello Everybody,

I started with Z-Wave a few days (weeks) ago. I am using HABmin to configure my network.

I have a

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • UZB (Controller)
  • 3 Popp Smoke detectors
  • 1 Greenwave power node
  • 1 Cyrus 4in1 sensor

The 3 smoke sensores and the Greenwave power node are working probperly.
1 smoke detector is using the power node as repeater.

The Cyrus 4in1 sensor is working good if it is in the range of my UZB-Stick (node1).
If it is outside of range of node1 it should make a connection over my power switch (node2).
But this seems that it is not working.
I already healed the network (in the night) i synchronized … nothing happend.

If I put back the Cyrus next to my UZB-Stick (node1) everything is working. But if I have a look on the Network viewer the connection lines are red (node11 --> node6, node11 -->node1).?

Does anybody has some tipps or ecplenations to this? What can I do that my cyrus is using the power switch as repeater?

Thanks so far.

Nice greetings