Z-Wave network


I struggle a bit with my network. I get a lof of errors in my logfile like this:

Also when I in habmin check my mesh it is a flat line:

What can be the problem here?

How great is the distance between your z-wave units? Seems like the signal strenght is too weak to me…

Did you add your zwave controller as “Thing”.

At least your controller should be there as “node 1”

Will the close så one that is grid connected is aprox 1meter so it shouldn’t be a problem.

The most important question: Do you get values back from your zwave devices?

For most of them I do. But for some I get values every now and then. I.e my power monitor that reads the power meter is 30 cm from the stick and it does not send values as configured (every 10 min). This was stable when I used it with Homeseer.

Have a look at this thread. Same problem, solution is ongoing.


Thanks for the pointer. I will watch the other thread for a solution.