Z-Wave: New EcoLink PIR Sensor v2.5

I am posting this mostly in case someone else gets these devices so work is not duplicated.

After a bunch of effort getting things working to my satisfaction with the EcoLink PIR sensor (PIRZWAVE2-ECO) I did something foolish and bought two of the “newer model”, MFR part number PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO.

I have uploaded the openHAB2-generated (currently snapshot 743) XML to Chris’ database for review. Once ingested I am happy to do whatever is necessary to get it working in openHAB–though I may have occasional questions to be answered.

I completed the definitions for the parameters and association groups in the database. I was not very verbose as I was transcribing from the manual by hand.

I exported the resulting XML and added it to the ESH-INF folder in org.openhab.binding.zwave-2.0.0.jar. Unfortunately, the device is still just showing up as an unknown device. Is there a document I am not seeing somewhere that describes how to inject a new thing definition into the zwave binding?

Chris propagated the device entries providing support for this device into the ZWave binding for OH2 in commit #351. As of openHAB 2.1 build 785 it is now working well with no additional steps required.

I’m new to openhab, so I hope this is an okay place for this comment (if not, let me know). I am trying to get the EcoLink PIR Sensor v2.5 working, but after inclusion the status reads, “UNINITIALIZED - HANDLER_MISSING_ERROR.” I cannot seem to do anything to get this sensor working. Is there anything I can do?

This is an okay forum to ask.

It is possible you may need to try excluding and re-including it. When adding it (even without re-inclusion, e.g. updating to a version of openHAB that requires a JSON DB reset) it’ll often show up without everything exposed (in PaperUI or habmin) until the first time an event passes.

So as an additional step (and I am assuming you’re using paperUI), try deleting the thing (but not excluding the device) and initiating a search. Once it is discovered, try closing the inbox without adding it and then causing (via test mode or whatever) the sensor to actually send the notify to the controller. That process should allow the controller to completely interrogate the device and it should be complete in the inbox thereafter.

The other possibility is you have a different hardware version than I have.

Also, I did have problems with the 2.5 unit with Chris’ experimental security-enabled Z-Wave binding. What versions of everything are you running?

Howard, I had updated to the latest snapshot in an attempt to get things working. Should I go back to the release version of openhab 2 or is there a better version?

If you are running the current snapshot I would expect you to be okay–though I am not absolutely positive.

My “production” instance right now is running build 2.1 snapshot build #785, so you can try that one if you want.

I would try the re-inclusion with the PIR sensor in test mode via the jumper so you can make it chatty on the network. Once Chris had added the DB updates to the zwave module everything just worked for me out of the box with no additional effort.

Have you perchance tried starting openHAB in debug mode (via the start_debug launcher) and had a look at the more verbose logs that generates?

Thanks for the help. Today I got on and updated everything, restarted my computer, and the zwave works great. I’m not sure if it was the update or the restart that did the magic, but it works now. I’m on 2.1.0 snapshot 965.