Z-Wave: No database entry

I’m a zwave newbie.

got this error message

2016-06-17 18:15:42.335 [DEBUG] [.z.i.config.ZWaveConfiguration] - NODE 8: No database entry: BeNext [ID:101,Type:3]

Using OH 1.8.3 and the 1.8.3 zwave binding.
HABmin is properly showing the device from the database

What could be wrong?

Your device isn’t currently in the database.

If you provide information on what the device is, we can add it. I’d suggest opening an issue - please provide the XML file for the device (from the /etc/zwave folder) and the name/make/model of the device.

I thought it was this one. If not I will provide you the info.

So this is still open as I never received the XML. If you can provide the XML I can add it to the database.

There is no folder /etc/zwave on my RPi. I used an apt-get installation. Any other location I should look for?

Sorry - I’m not sure where it’s located, but you’re right, the apt install spreads folders around the OS. Hopefully someone can comment - or you might find it with a search on the forum?

For future reference, I did a find like this:

$ sudo find / -name "zwave"
$ ls /var/lib/openhab/zwave
node1.xml  node7.xml  node8.xml

I will post the xml file at GitHub

Thanks. I’ll be doing a database update tonight, so hopefully get it included then…

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