Z-Wave node disappeared....noticed after OH upgrade

I recently completed an upgrade of OH from 2.3 to 2.5.2 and have a Z-Wave mode that has disappeared not only from OH but from the controller.

The node in question, Node17 is skipped when looking directly at the controller in Zensys tools. I have tried to run Inclusion and toggle the switch with no luck.

Any suggestions?



Not without debug logs as detailed in the documentation for when things do not go as planned.

I am assuming you did not plan this to happen. :wink:

yeah…don’t think this was planned.

maybe @chris can offer something to look at.

Hint: He wrote the documentation so that would be a good place to start. He will just tell you the same thing…

Bruce - I’ve been around these forums longer than you…think I know the lay of the land.

Looking for some suggestions - that’s what these forums are for…

You then know the documentation is not on these forums.
“When Things do not go as Planned”.

I’m familiar with the documentation, i’ve gone through it and need some additional guidance.

You don’t mention the type of device, but I have had nodes disappear and I’ve gotten them to reappear after cycling their power. I may have done a discovery and or set the device in inclusion mode too though. IIRC, this has not happened since swapping the controller for a HUSBZB-1.

it’s a mains powered edison outlet…i’ll try flipping the breaker

Another thing to try is to soft reset your controller (unplug it).

will try it…it was just weird that the node was skipped in the controller…ive seen it where the node remains in the controller, yet OH does not see it. I’ve never encountered an issue where the node is missing from the controller and it’s number is skipped.

ok, flipped the breaker and nada…ran inclusion again still nada…node17 is no where to be found.

Any other thoughts???

Do an exclusion, which may not do anything. Then reset the device and reinclude. It’s also possible there’s a hardware issue.

More Information…

Went through my 2.3 logs and see that the node disappeared before the upgrade around mid-December…it was stuck on and it was my outside landscape lighting which has a photocell so it was not something that I would have easily noticed. With that said, I’m really curious why it has disappeared from the controller…if it died

I can’t exclude it, if it’s missing from the controller.

The controller list skips the node (17) in question…

14, 15, 16, 18, 19…etc.

A device can still be excluded if it is not in the network. If the device still think it is part of a network, it will not include. Resetting it should take care of things, but not all devices reset their network after a hard reset and will need an exclusion.

seriously Bruce… check folks join date before offering advice, the kid of squid has been around here… awhile

OK so anyhow, with all that said… this is the poster child for ‘I upgraded my OpenHAB and it broke my zwave network!!’
I don’t call people out much but…
is this not the text book case of upgrade broke my zwave???..

and edit to add:
thanks squid… for your honesty and contributions to this community

Just for the record, I was not trying to blame the upgrade for my issues - just to place a point in time when it happened. Just trying to provide all the facts so that when people who are smarter than I have all the facts I’m able to give.

Now I gotta figure out how the hell to get this node back. From what I’ve just read you need to highlight the node before you can remove it…but when it’s not in the controller how do you highlight or select it.

Squid :squid:

Do you mean to exclude it? Just put the controller in exclusion mode and then put the device into exclusion mode. There’s no device to select except the controller. There’s probably no need at all to do this, but it’s simple enough to be on the safe side.