Z-Wave nodes lost their connection

Hello community,

I use Z-Wave dual wall switches (TZ66D) with a Raspberry PI in a Z-Wave network to control the lights. My OpenHAB ver. is 1.7 an the Z-Wave binding also 1.7.0.
It worked nearly without problems for weeks. Now since a month the items lost their connection every few days and the Habmin says the nodes are “Dead”. Healing Nodes with Habmin or reinitialise don’t help. Only to include the item again help. It’s not possible for the smarthome user to include an item new and it’s a relatively large expense for the administrator.
Now my question, is there a way to get the items work without a new inclusion?


Not that I’m aware of. If the controller marks the device as dead the only way I’ve found that works is to delete the node and readd.

There are two ‘dead’ states - it really depends on which one your device is in…

The states are -:

  • DEAD - this is an internal state from the binding. Devices that are DEAD can easily recover - they normally go DEAD due to not responding after a number of retries, but he binding will normally try again later, and if the binding gets a response at any time, it will mark the device alive again.
  • FAILED - this is a controller state. Here the controller (ie the stick) thinks the device has failed - this is normally a major issue. It will recover if the device comes back online, but often it means the device is in a bad state.

In either state, recovery needs a good communication path, so if the communications is poor due to distance between the controller and the device, then you’re in trouble. I’m not really sure that excluding and including again will help - it might, but it’s unlikely to really address the root of the problem, so you can probably expect the issue to return.

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