Z-Wave OTA Update


how do I do a firmwareupgrade through habmin?
I can’t seem to find a button.

This is not supported at the moment.

Hi chris,
do you plan on supporting it in the future?

Yes, but it’s not too close to the top of the list though…

I’d love to see that, too.
On the other hand, there’s not much you can update. Only devices I heard of downloadable firmware updates for are some Aeotec devices, and those insist on some proprietary mechanism involving their controller stick.
Fibaro devices can be updated OTA, but only if you use Fibaro’s Home Center. They don’t seem to provide firmware.


on the homepage it says:
Some gateways will support firmware upgrades over-the-air (OTA) and have MultiSensor 6's firmware upgrades packaged as part of their platform. For those that don't yet support such upgrades, MultiSensor 6's firmware can be upgraded using Z-Stick from Aeotec and Microsoft Windows.

So only if the “Gateway” (which is openhab in our case) doesn’t support this it can be done through windows.

I don’t think that’s what it means - you can always run alternative software to do this. I don’t know if Aeotec provide software to do this?

Just FYI I’m also in discussion with Aeotec to see if they will provide information on their backup protocol - let’s see. It needs to come from China, and apparently they have been dragon boating this week…

That’d be great, but I wouldn’t hold your breath on this; seems to be a completely out of band process. For example, you can run a zs5 on a virtual machine no problem, but their backup utility will only run on bare metal.

Ok - let’s see. Chris has been very helpful and he’s been trying to chase the guys in China for the info. I’m not sure if we’ll get it, but I’m trying. In my opinion, unless this information falls under the Sigma NDA, it would be a benefit for Aeotec to provide it as it only enhances the use of their products.

Hey I’m not saying don’t try, I’m just saying don’t be down if it doesn’t happen.

When did Chris start referring to Chris in the third person? :smiley:

I won’t - I know how hard it is to get information from these guys, but I thought I’d try and convince them anyway…


I have run multiple backups and restores on my win 10 virtual machine hosted on a linux desktop (virtualbox) without any issues what so ever. (all 64 bit)

Huh, interesting! I haven’t played with it for a few months, but back when I was (feb-ish) on win7-64/win7-64 backup didn’t work at all under vmware. Wonder if it’s a virtualbox thing or if something has changed?

They released something later than that, if memory serves me right. Didn’t the restore function come in mid may? Anyway, I only done it during the last three-four weeks, before I used a phys box, so I cannot tell if it worked or not in vbox earlier…

Never tried a restore as I only have one zs5. Hoping I’ll not have to test the functionality. :wink:

Today I met CEO (James Huang) from Philio and asked him about OTA Firmware updates.
Im using their PST02A sensors (4 Multi Sensor for under 40€) and they have written in the manual, that OTA would be possible.

My sensors are working most of the time, but when I check the firmware, the versions are different and it would be great to stay on latest versions.

He explained me that they don´t want to publish their firmware online for public, because they believe that lot of people could break their devices in this way. As a case he mentioned, updated his eu sensor to a us firmware would break it.

He also reported me that they want to work together with other providers if they could manage to first read and check the device, before providing the firmware.

I think If openhab has some plans to provide OTA in future, we would be able to get the firmware at least from Philio and maybe also some other support.
He seems to be a very friendly and open minded guy.

Who at Openhab could be responsible for this, so I can forward the contact of James to him?

Well, I’m happy to discuss this. However, this is the same issue as I have discussed with Aeon and Fibaro, and with an open source software, it’s very difficult to provide this function without making the data files available so I don’t expect this will be something we can support in the short term.

Is it possible to include a secondary controller?
With this feature we can use e.g. Z.Flash to update the devices without to game

  • excluding from OH
  • including in Z-Flash
  • flash the update
  • exclude from Z-Flash
  • include in OH
    Z-Flash should be possible to be included as a z-wave device in OH.
    After this it is able to read all devices from OH and flash.
    As Z-Flash is a commercial tool (~26USD) it get updates from the device vendors.

Only if the vendors supply the firmware, which most currently don’t. I don’t think that this “commercial tool” has access to anything more than anyone else.

When I spoke to some vendors a year or so back, they were worried about releasing the OTA files as they feared other manufacturers would decompile the firmware to steal all their secrets. I think this is still the case, and this tool doesn’t help as far as I can see.

I have NDAs in place with a number of suppliers, so “commercial” isn’t the issue. It’s only that vendors don’t want to release their firmware openly due to “trust” of their competitors.