Z-Wave Outdoor Sensor

I was looking for a Z-Wave outdoor sensor capable of withstanding low temperatures. Aeotec Multisensor Gen5 (see https://blog.smartthings.com/featured/4-new-compatible-devices/ should do the job and it does but this device is a real battery eater. It consumes a set of batteries (4 x AAA) in 3 month and this is really too much to afford.
There is another one which looks good but unfortunately it’s only certified for US countries so cannot be run with European Z-Wave controllers: https://www.getzooz.com/zooz-zse29-outdoor-motion-sensor.html
So finally I decided to use the Fibaro FGMS-001 which is a really good motion sensor and has a real economical battery consumption, if well configured you will not have to change battery more than once a year.
However it’s an indoor sensor so I needed a housing for outdoor use preventing water ingression and easy stealing …
I decided to go with the Spelsberg outdoor box TG ABS 88-6-to, see https://www.spelsberg.com/industrial-housing/plain-with-mounting-cams/10100301/
Needs some modification which I am showing here:
I am currently running 2 of these modified devices and we have temperatures going down to -1°C in late November now and they are still working well.
Front cover has to be drilled with a 30mm drill (VERY carefully) and a rubber ring (outer diameter 35mm, thickness 5mm) has to be glued to the cover with cyanocrylat glue.
Sensor bracket is glued to the base of the box with power strips and I was using 3 layers to get the exact height so the sensor has contact to the cover when it’s mounted.
You are loosing the ability to align the sensor but as it has almost 180° this should not be a real problem.