Z-wave PAN08 roller shuter controller locate position

Hello community,

I`m using the PAN08 rollershutter controller in my smarthome with a PI2 and OH1,7.
The commands for open, close and stop are working fine. Only the roller shutter position makes trouble.
If I click open or close it is instandly by 100% or 0%.

If I’m stoping the movement (up/down) the value is mostly 98% or 2%.
There is nothing between this two values.

So my shutter ist ether open, nearly open, nearly closed or closed.
Never half opened (50% or so ) for example.

My configuration:

Rollershutter Shutter “Rollade [%d %%]” (EG_Wohnzimmer) { zwave=“5” }

Switch item=Shutter label=“Rolllade [%d %%]” mappings=[UP=“Hoch”, STOP=“X”, DOWN=“Runter”]

Any Ideas?


Did you manage to get the position to work with a more recent version of openhab?