Z-Wave: Paper UI creating Item and Thing Names Starting with Digits

Sort-of newbie here.

First let me say that I have read a bunch about using text configs for Items but this also applies to Things, for which the general documentation recommends using Paper UI to create.

I have been having problems with rules and influxdb queries that seem to be rooted in the fact that some items and things in my OH2 instance have names that begin with digits. Names starting with digits get ignored in Rules (see here: Rule with item that starts with a number not running ).

These are being named automatically when I add Things via the Z-Wave binding using Paper UI (haven’t tested with Habmin or others yet), and the automatically generated name always starts with the ZWave Node number, which appears to be in contradiction of the naming convention guidelines at: https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/items.html#name

The only characters permitted in an Item name are letters, numbers and the underscore character. Names must not begin with numbers. Spaces and special characters are not permitted.

Any thoughts on this? Is there a configuration setup where it it possible to change the way Paper UI names the Items and Things on creation? Is this a problem with Paper UI, or the Z-Wave binding, or something else?

Because of this I am having to change all my item names, thing names, and all my series names in influxdb, which is definitely not trivial!

You are given the option to change the name of the thing when creating it.

Yes, I know. However, the automatic naming selection probably shouldn’t directly contradict the suggested naming convention. IMO.

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Turn off Simple Mode. That is the advice of most of the experts here. The Paper UI it not being actively developed.

Simple Mode is off.