Z-WAVE - Possible bug: Removing node from association group fails

I was about to raise a issue at github, but thought maybe it’s better to start on the forums.

Yesterday i had some spare time to make changes to my openhab setup. At some point i tried to remove a node from a group association, but somehow it never gets removed.

With Openhab snapshot 1132 it is easy to add group associations to a Fibaro FGDS-212 dimmer. I used group 4 (S2 switch) to switch some other Fibaro dimmers. Now i accidently added a node that should not be part of the group. Somehow it can’t be removed.

When Habmin (2017-12-12T12:18:17) is opened in Chrome (63.0.3239.84 ) i go to Thing configurations. Select the node go to the group associations and it shows 6 nodes (FGDS-212’s, firmware 3.5) and the controller (Aeotec z-stick). Then i click the X at the node to remove. the Save button get’s green color and i finally i click save. A short notification popsup that the Thing configuration was saved succesfull.
But nothing has changed

Pressing the button is still sending frames to the removed node. And when i press ctrl+F5 in chrome, the node is shown at the group association again.

Any thoughts on this?

I filed a bug report here: https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/issues/3060

Somewhere related another different question:

Why isn’t it possible to add the node itself to the group assocation 4 (S2-button) ? I would really like it if i could manage the dimmer itself with S1 and change all lights in the particuar room with S2, including the dimmer itself.

This is not the right place to raise zwave issues - I’d suggest to close this as there is a separate issue tracker for zwave.

In any case, this is being addressed in the development version so if you wish to continue discussing, please feel free to join -:

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Chris. I see that you created a default and a dev branch. Do you say that this fix will only be made to the dev branch?

That thread has 2000 messages with all different kind of problems for over a year now, a bit hard to keep track…

Any further development will be done in the dev branch and this will be merged to master in the coming weeks.

Agreed :wink: . The important ones are the first 10, and then the last conversations.