Z-Wave re-add node that is not communicating to controller but have same node number

Is there any way to re add a heatit device to same node number after reset and reinclude in zwave network eg. node 20 is dead, will reset device and reinclude but still want it to be node 20

In an ideal world, if you exclude the device first, the controller can assign the same node number. It is up to the controller though.
When I got my last new controller, it decided the first node was 10 instead of 2 until I reset the controller.

Why reset the device?

You can delete from OH & rediscover and the Thing gets any new binding settings but keeps the same Thingid to not break Items & rules.

The only sure-fire way I know is to exclude all devices, reset the controller, & rebuild the network. If you add the controller with the dame Thingid & add the nodes in the same order, the node numbers & Thingids should be the same.,

That is an awful lot of work for not much benefit though.

In theory, this is possible, however it’s not normal. The controller will always choose the next available node id - this always increments, and when it gets to 232 is starts to use unused IDs starting from 1 again.

It is in theory possible to “replace” a node, but the binding doesn’t support this function.


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