I am trying to connect my device, but the status of the device stays on “Node initialising: REQUEST_NIF”. This device doesn’t have a battery.
I also saw that the modelID in the UI is PAN08-1a, but in the manual the modelID is PAN08-IL.

OH version: 2.5.0~S1603-1
zwave binding version: 2.5.0.SNAPSHOT

See below image:

Maybe there is no communication with the device? What do you see in the debug logs?

I attached the debug logs, not sure what it means.debug.txt (59.6 KB)

Unfortunately this doesn’t show the initialisation of node 3. It looks like the device is functioning, but without the initialisation I can’t see what’s happening there.

I do see some errors on nodes 2 and 4 though, but the errors are coming from the controller. Probably it means that these nodes are uncontactable by the controller.

I don’t know what these nodes are, but node 3 looks ok.

Thanks for your help, now it is working (I didn’t do anything)