Z-Wave S2?

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I am looking to buy some Z-Wave gear starting of course with the Aeontec Z-Stick. Noticing some products talking about S2 security and even sounded like whatever that is, it won’t work unless all the devices support it. Anyone familiar with S2? Know if the Z-Stick supports it as didn’t seem so. The ZOOZ USB Z-WAVE PLUS S2 STICK ZST10 obviously by the name supports it but know most people get the Aeontec unit.



I remember there was some forum traffic about S2 support in the binding but to my knowledge there is no support implemented yet.

I’ve changed the category and added the zwave tag.

S2 is not supported at the moment. All devices will also support S0 which is supported.

How to set up Zooz ZST10 with S0?

You should just include it using the standard secure functions - there’s nothing special as such. Maybe you will need to set the secure inclusion mode to “all devices” (I don’t know what the ZST10 is) but otherwise it should be a standard secure inclusion.

It is ZOOZ USB Z-WAVE PLUS S2 STICK ZST10 with S2 security protocol.
I am going to use it as Z-wave hub. Possibly your advise will help me to set it up.

All S2 devices support S0, so you can just use S0 which the binding supports.

I’m not sure what you want set up? As I said, I don’t know these devices, so I can’t really offer specific help about them.

See this thread for S2 support status