Z-Wave Schlage - Config VIA items

I have my Schlage setup and the alarm feature is a pain in the butt. I was hoping I could use OpenHab2 to set the alarm at a certain hour. I know the binding send in the config data butI’d like to do it from the UI.

If I update the XML via a Script/CMD will that trigger an update?

Thanks in Advance.

See this post where you can set a Z-Wave parameter from a rule. Is that what you want? You’d have to find the exact parameter and setting to turn your Schlage alarm off or on as desired.

The issue is the configuration attributes are not a channel on the schlage like other things so I can’t set

All it would take is to add a Channel to the device database. Specifically, which configuration parameters would you like Items for? And which device?

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Yep, that’s why you want to look at that post. It does not use channels at all. It’s using the REST interface where you can update the parameters. And it gives an example of using it in a rule.

It’s also possible to get the database updated with a new channel for this. I know that Chris has done that for some parameters on devices.

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Both approaches described above will work perfectly fine. Adding the config parameter as a channel is a more desirable approach IMO, since other users will be able to benefit from the channel.

Here’s an example of a parameter I added for the Dome Siren, which I can use to set the notification sound from within a rule.

I agree - it is a more usable, and reusable, solution than using the REST interface.

Thanks all this was very helpful!!!

Below is where I landed but I really wanted to create the Channel but I couldn’t get it to work. Does this require me to add the channel to the DB locally? Additionally, will they get updated so they stay in synch?

rule “Update Config Alarm”

Item door_alarm_setting changed
sendHttpPutRequest(“”, “application/json”, “{‘config_7_1’:”+door_alarm_setting.state+"}")