Z-Wave: Schwaiger ZHD01 not identified, missing in DB

Hello @chris,

I just bought the Schwaiger ZHD 01 room temperature sensor / wall thermostat which is discovered and identified as 0002:8003:8001:0.0.
Manufacturer link: https://www.schwaiger.de/de/temperatursensor.html

It is a relabeled Danfoss Room Thermostat DRS21 V02 (0002:0003:8010) - even reads Danfoss on the device and below the Schwaiger sticker is the Danfoss one plus it comes with the Danfoss manual.
The device is sold as Devolo MT2649 (0003:8010) too.

Obviously it just reports with a different ID.

I did a search through the database, but did not succeed. The forum search did not give an hint.

Any chance you could add this to the DB ? I´m not familiar with this and do not want to break things (guess I anyhow would not have the edit rights).

Kind Regards

I guess it’s this device -:

I’ll add the IDs for this and will do a database update later today, so you should fine it in the OH2 snapshot tonight/tomorrow (depending on your timezone :slight_smile: )


Great, thanks a lot!