Z-Wave sensor gets items from other Z-wave sensor in channel configuration

Hello again,

when configuring my new Fibaro FGK-10X sensor (Node3) I activated two channels: temperature and battery and created new items for both channels.
I did the setup with Habmin and once I linked the item to the channel Habmin automatically also linked the corresponding item from the other sensor. That occured for both channels.

I also found when watching the Zwave network viewer in Habmin that now only Node3 is connected to my Zwave controller (Node1) and my other sensor (Node2 ) seems to be disconnected? I have attached a screen shot from the viewer …

Any idea what is wrong and how to fix it?


Probably there is nothing wrong. The neighbour lists are only updated during the nightly heal which should occur around 2am.

Ok, thanks! so I will just wait again … seems I am to impatient :slight_smile:
I will update tomorrow if it configured properly during the night …

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