Z-wave serial controller online, but Fakro Roller shutters not recognised, 'unknown device'

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  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: _RPI4/Aeotec Z-Wave gen5
    • openHAB version: 2.5.6

I’ve installed an aeotec Z-Wave stick on my rpi to access my fakro roller shutters, but openhab doesn’t seem to recognize them. The log file with detailed Z-Wave info is attached down under.

I assume that the node devices are not included into the Z-Wave database, but I’m not sure…
Therefore I’ve installed domoticz for testing purposes. When i put the Z-Wave stick in my computer, this results in a successful recognition of the devices, as shown in the following picture.

openhab.log (561.2 KB)

They are in the database.


If they are battery operated, you must wake them up several times to get fully discovered.

Hello Bruce

My fakro shutters are powered by mains. Even a recycle of the device brought no solution.

I still assume it’s openhab related or something with the combination Z-stick/RPI4, because when I put the stick in my computer and run Domoticz, I’m able to see the devices with the correct parameters and operate them.

Do you have any idea? Thanks in advance.


Not really.

Perhaps you should follow the instructions in the binding documentation & post debug logs. Only your system knows what is happening. :wink:


I’ve checked the documentation and it is not getting me wiser yet… My Fakro ARZ roller shutters are bought in 2010, so I believe it should have ‘fakro_arz_00_000’ as type ID.

My detailed log file is pointed in the first post. I placed the file in the Z-Wave log file viewer (https://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/openhab/zwave-log-viewer) and saw the following messages. It states ‘Update_state_node_info_req_failed’ for a reason…

Mayby i have to address this question to Chris.

Thanks already.


@chris can respond here. Perhaps @sihui has some of these.

It is not responding at all as far as I can see. You need to solve that issue first.

No, I am a poor retired man and can’t afford these :grinning:

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From the small log here, it seems that the device is simply not responding to basic messages being sent to it - the “ping” command for example. I’m not sure I can really say a lot more than that - maybe it’s out of range, or maybe it was not included properly - these are common reasons for this sort of thing, but without more information it’s hard to say.