Z-Wave settings not working

I just started today, with openHABian on a rpi 1B with a z-wave stick S2.

Got my first and only device connected, a Levition dimmer - DZ6HD.

Was excited to see in the manual a bunch of configurable settings for the dimmer, like on/off fade time and min/max and default levels. However, none of these settings seem to be going to the dimmer when I hit save.

Are these settings something I need the new gen5 stick for? aka “plus” support?

Please post your z-wave-configuration.
PS: oh runs very slow on a 1B.

I second that, you will struggle with a PI1b. Don’t install more than rrd4j and mapdb persistence. Don’t count on node-red. Even mosquitto will be touch and go.
Upgrade… Quickly…

By “post your z-wave-configuration” what do you mean? Is there a config file to copy and paste?

And yes… I have already discovered how slow it is on the 1B. I had it laying around and got a couple z-wave devices (including the stick) cheap and thought I would try it. If I like it and can get some functionality out of this I am happy with I will invest more into this setup including getting a rpi 3b+.