Z-Wave setup to control waterboiler


In my home, to control the boiler I have 2 devices:
=> The boiler controller itself (Horstman HRT4 ASR-ZW also known as Secure SSR-303)
=> The room thermostat (Secure SRT-323)

Both devices communicate with each other using Z-Wave, the thermostat playing the role of the controller.

Is it possible to link them both to my Openhab controller and link them together? (doing an association maybe?) If yes, how should I proceed?

Thanks in advance for your support… I’m sorry I am quite new to Z-Wave…

It is possible to link them to your Openhab software if you buy a Z-Wave controller - Aeon Labs Z-Stick Gen5 or similar device.

Then you could possibly set up a direct association between them or, more likely, control them through the Openhab software and the Z-Wave binding.

Without a Z-Wave hardware controller, these devices will not be included together in a Z-Wave network. You cannot just buy Z-Wave devices and have Openhab control them.


Hi @PaulMcT, thank you for your answer :slightly_smiling:

To answer your question, I do have a Z-Wave controller: I have a Rasperry Pi with a Razberry card on which Openhab 1.8.1 is installed. Im using it so far to control switches and Air conditionning with more or less success.

Practically then to control the thermostat and boiler controller, how should I do?
1- de-link them (the thermostat plays currently the role of the controller)
2- add them to the Z-Wave network controller by my raspberry pi
3- then how should I ensure a command from the thermostat is sent to the boiler controller? I mean in details… Im not an expert at all…

Sorry Cedric - I do not have those Z-Wave devices so I cannot help you here.

And for a similar type of device, how would you like to make it work?

  • I would not do any direct associations between the thermostat and the boiler.
  • Do not completely rely on a Z-Wave device controlling your HVAC.
  • Ensure that your boiler will operate normally even if the Z-Wave network is down.
  • Use logic in Openhab to control the setpoint.

With regards to the last bullet point, what do you mean by “use logic”?

Computer logic.


  1. If it’s 11 p.m., turn the setpoint to 65 degrees Fahrenheit - but only on week-days.
  2. I’m on vacation for a week with my family. Remotely turn the setpoint to ??.