Z-wave snapshot binding timing out?

Hi folks,

I’m running the latest snapshot z-wave binding (from July 24) and after running for a while (12 to 24 hrs) the lights stop responding to commands. Log attached, the most recent occurrence was around 6:43am this morning. Around that time I start seeing in the log instances of transactions “cancelled” and controller timeouts. A reboot corrects the issue.


What would be a good next step to help with debugging?

Running on Raspberry pi, OH2.3, Aeon stick, 47 z-wave devices, other installed bindings: network, astro, weatherunderground and harmony hub.


If you mean the experimental binding then I believe there’s a bug in the 24 July version. I have the same problem. Chris is aware and working on a fix.

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Yep, the experimental build, thanks Dan. I’ll watch for the fix.