Z-Wave stick + Danfoss RXZ2 channel; switch (Central Heating)

Unfortunately this won’t help - there is only 1 supplier of ZWave chipsets (Sigma - now taken over by Silabs), and as it is a microcontroller, the features are completely determined by software and defined the manufacturer (ie Danfoss in this case).

Ahhh ok Chris. What a Bummer !! :frowning: Well, I hope Danfoss Engineering Team in Bedford UK reply to my email. I sent it from my company address so hopefully it may attract attention, it may not.

Sleep for me now
Thanks Chris, Bruce, for all the super support. We will get this sorted - I’m not giving up.


hi again
no response from Danfoss at yet.

how can i help with the snapshot testing , if at all?

I just requested a review of this database item because it appears we cannot get more information.
Hopefully by the time the database gets exported and into a snapshot binding, we can have a good method to manually install a binding.
Currently the snapshot jar files appears to only be on the build server which is not guaranteed to be accessible. Normally they are also hosted on another server but I see the files there do not appear to be current.

Appreciate your reply, albeit rather, or to be more accurate, way above my head with respect to OH.

may you grace me with a laymen reworked reply?


  1. The new entry did not get added to the database export this weekend, partially because I hoped for more information and partially because I forgot to click a button asking for Review.
  2. After the entry is reviewed, Chris normally exports the database to a server about once a week.
  3. Once on the server, the openHAB process that builds test versions will produce a file that can be used for testing.
    4, Hopefully by that time we will have an easy method for you to try the binding.

ok, understood, much appreciated Bruce.

I’m aware you may presume that, as a software engineer myself, that i understand. However, it’s rather like myself, asking you the leam, to follow our software design and delivery process for class 1 NATO t secret military product… it takes years to become proficient in our respective fields :grin:

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Actually , I am a Network Engineer at a pretty good sized University.

Maintaining complex systems such as network switches ans servers requires some amount of software work, especially when trying to hide some of the complex “magic” from end users.

I’m impressed Bruce. Network Engineers - well at our company - would not normally possess competencies at the Application , Presentation and Session OSI layers, but would be specialists at the Transport, Network, Data Link and Physical layers; but you’re doing the lot with OH it appears.

In regard to this thread, I’m waiting on a response from Danfoss in Bedford to provide the data requested for the db update. I have received a ticket notification from their support team, just waiting for their reply.,

Thanks. I was previously a Unix Sysyems Administrator for a team of a couple of hundred design engineers. One of my customer teams provided a design parts library 30 worldwide sites. Automation and scripting are useful tools. That is how Perl got started, for instance.

I live and learn :slight_smile:

Back to the OP…
I posted a question that might of helped me obtain latest Z-wave binding:

and was tipped off about the usability in that post. So how might I get hold of the updated Z-wave binding that , if and may, have been updated to include this device I need to get working?


You can get the latest binding here -:


Unfortunately at the moment it has not been updated since the weekend and I think this device was only published this morning - the next planned update will probably be Friday night.

Oh Chris that’s great, thank you for the link. I’ll give it a go next Monday then, just in case it sneaks in :slight_smile:
Still not heard from Danfoss , rather bizarrely however, I emailed their UK Engineering and got a reply from HQ in USA. Mmmm. As always I guess patience is a virtue.
Cheers again Chris.

It should be in in the next update - if I get a chance to do a quick update tonight I will, but I’ve got to head north for a few days tomorrow and can’t easily do an update while I’m on the road.

that is a kind offer, but don’t be doing it while driving eh :slight_smile:
I live “up North” , Lancashire, will get you a few pints if you’re in the Preston area! Otherwise, drive safe and don’t expect a warm day here lol :slight_smile:

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I for one have no idea what you are referring to. Please can you add some quotes (using the forum quote system) above such statements so there’s some reference to what is wrong, and who you are actually replying to. I don’t think it is me, although my email is the last in this thread before yours.

Sorry - but I’m just totally confused.

balls! Meant to post that to this thread

Dont know how I managed that, too many tabs open. I have asked the system to remove my post above and have updated the other thread. Oh dear. Sorry about that.

Whilst I am here Chris, I note in my system the existence of:


I didn’t put it there though and didnt upgrade. Is there some automatic synchronisation with the main OpenHAB servers that takes place?

Perhaps for 2.5.1. I know 2.5.1 will have some sort of feature where the addons can be upgraded without upgrading the core openHAB.

Hey @chris, I can confirm that the Z-Wave binding SNAPSHOT can now fully control the Danfoss RX2 two channel RF controller using Channels "Switch " for device CH1 and “Switch2” for device CH2. All LEDs correctly illuminate .

There is one minor issue, the “Switch” Channel (Endpoint 0, zwave:device:4849599d:node3:switch_binary) should toggle both the device’s CH1 and CH2 concurrently - either both ON or both OFF (in other words both thing Channels “Switch1” and Switch2" at the same time). However selecting On/Off for “Switch” affects only “Switch1” (CH1). Thus effectively, Channels “Switch1” and “Switch” provide duplicate functionality/are the same, in terms of operational function.

This isn’t a big deal because the user still has access to fully working “Switch1” and “Switch2” Channels, thus it is a minor inconvenience at worst, but worthy of mention. I’m happy to raise an ticket if that is the right thing to do - please advise Chris. I suspect this is reliant upon that final bit of info requested from Danfoss?


p.s. I am loving OH and can now fully operate my Central Heating system remotely. Next step is to use some html/css to get some day-by-day heating programme built.

Have you got a link to a Donate button Chris?

Sorry Bruce, I may not have been clear; what I intended to ask, was whether , time-now, there is some syncing taking place because Chris only released the snapshot yesterday and this morning it is in my filesystem yet I did nothing to effect that (in other words if I didn’t do it by whatever means, who or what did?)