Z-Wave SWITCH_MULTILEVEL Fibaro Roller Shutter

Hello ,

we have a blind wich is connected to a Fibaro Roller Shutter Device.
And now I would change from the roller shuter item type to seperate buttons for blind out / in . Because it so not so easy with the roller shuter item buttons to find the right button for out / in.

How can I change the type to buttons ? I need two seperate buttons for out / in .


Hmmm, but with a rollershutter item you HAVE separate buttons for out/in …

Rollershutter FibFGR222_Kitchen_East "Jal Küche Ost [%d %%]" (gRollershutterEG, gRollershutterKitchen) {zwave="11:command=switch_multilevel,invert_state=false,invert_percent=true"}

Switch item=FibFGR222_Kitchen_East

The questions is for a blind what is correct up or down ?
So it is easier when you have out and in

Best idea if have at the moment: you could use a group in your items and mappings in your sitemap:


Group:Rollershutter:OR(UP, DOWN) gRollershutterKitchen "Rollläden Küche" <rollershutter> (gUG)
Rollershutter FibFGR222_Kitchen_East "Jal Küche Ost [%d %%]" (gRollershutterKitchen) {zwave="11:command=switch_multilevel,invert_state=false,invert_percent=true"}

Switch item=gRollershutterKitchen mappings=[UP="In", STOP="X", DOWN="Out"]

That also works without a group for a rollershutter in your sitemap:

Switch item=FibFGR222_Kitchen_East mappings=[UP="In", STOP="X", DOWN="Out"]

Thx ! This work !

I another short question about the FGR222 . I have the problem that I have the second device for the blind , because the power supply of the FGR222 was broken. I think it can be a overvoltage fault , because the blind is out side . And when we have thunderstorm the last time the device was broken . But no other device in our house had any problem at this time .

Have someone a protection for the device ? Or have someone the same problem with the FGR222 ?