Z-Wave thing listed twice

I changed the configuration of a Fibaro Universal Sensor (added temperature sensors) and therefore had to exclude and include the Sensor again. I had difficulties to exclude the sensor (possibly I did it wrong and did a sensor reset). After the include of the sensor the sensor is listed twice: as node6 with status offline and as node8 with status online. I tried to exclude and remove node6, but node6 show up again whenever I but the Z-Wave controller into include mode. How can I remove the double entry?

Every time you add a new device it appears as the next available nice number. I would guess that the exclude didn’t work or at least the exclude didn’t remove the device from the controller. Zwave is not my forte.

Anyway, at some point the nice will be marked as dead by the controller, if it hasn’t happened yet. You can then remove the nice front the controller using Habmin.

Or you can just tell OH to ignore that mode in the inbox and carry on. It isn’t being anything.

Thank you for the quick reply. I treid to remode node6

… which does not work and then tried to set device as FAILED but got an error message in both cases

This exception shouldn’t impact the ability (or not) to remove the device from the controller - this just means that OH / ESH isn’t allowing the thing to be removed from OH. If you delete the thing, and then do a search, does it reappear in the inbox?

You may also need to set the device as failed first - the controller will only allow you to remove devices that it has in it’s failed nodes list. It can put the devices in there by itself, but it doesn’t always do this.