Z-wave things does not show up in Control

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I have a Fibaro HC2 with lots of devices. I set up my Aeotec Z-Stick as a secondary.

Fresh install of latest OpenHAB2 on Ubuntu Server in Virtualbox, then in Windows 10, then on a RPI 3b+

After adding bindings Z-Wave and setting the correct port, 37 devices is found in the inbox, and one by one I add them. They show up in Configuration\Things but none of them show up in Control

What am I doing wrong?


You need to start creating items and link then to the things channels
One a channel is linked to an item, it will show up on the Control tab of the PaperUI.
The control interface of the paperUI in NOT meant to control openHAB. It’s only for state checking and testing.
You will need to create a UI, BasicUI or ClassicUI with a sitemap, or HABpanel

Figured it out, it’s a feature.

Depending om what install you are using, you get different setup.
So for a clean linux install:
Configuration->System->Item Linking->Simple Mode (is set to off)

So for the version in the youtube video I was watching, that box was set to Simple Mode ON.

So the next time I tried, this time with a debian image on a Tinker Board, and used the openhabian version, things appeared in control without my control…

This time I had no way of editing the Items.

Well, Now I finally understand. So tick the Simple Mode to get items automagically, and off again to edit them :slight_smile: