Z-Wave troubles - unresponsive network until bundle restart

Nothing in the inbox, or found when attempting to add a new z-wave device.

I would like to join this discussion, since I’ve got a bit the same issue…
I’ve seen simular topics, but this one is the most close/recent. And I’ve got a huge link with it (see my ps).

My setup?

  • Proxmox (virtualization) and VM with Ubunut 18.04.1 LTS (4.15.0.-43-generic)
  • 12 CPU 2GHz (average 20% usuage), 8GB Memory (25% free) , 32GB disk (60% free)
  • Openhab 2.4.0. Release Build, Zwave binding 2.4.0
  • 2 x Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 (about 55 zwave nodes, split over the 2 sticks).

It ran fine for several months. And since a week of 2-3, the zwave binding suddenly stops to communicate. No errors pops up in the logs, and no big changes have been made in the configs (that I can recall).

The strange thing? It’s just 1 USB stick that fails. The other stays active. And it’s not always the same one, so I refuse to believe it’s a hardware issue with the stick.

When I restart the z-wave binding through karaf, everything is fine again, for 1 or 2 days…
All other bindings (knx, seneye, solaredge, bosh home, astro…) keep on working.

This morning, I’ve put the logs to debug. Hope I will notice the crash fast, before it the logs get to huge to analyse properly.
Later on today, I’ll try to put a small rule in place that keeps an eye of incoming data of some sensors. This can be helpfull to analyse it quicker. I’m using a simular script somewhere else for (again) a failing Aeotec stick. Not 100% the same issue (thing usb-stick goes offline daily), but endresult is the same. If somebody (@chris, @rlkoshak ?) has a better suggestion, let me know. Eager to do it properly (and find a solution of course).

ps Fun fact? With reading the topic of Matt, I like to see also a link with my christmas lights. These where 3 FGS223 Double Switches. But they are no longer activate in the network. Of course the config is still loaded, but no rules apply. They’re ready for future use. :wink:

It shouldn’t cause any issues - it’s normal operation.

FWIW - I’ve downgraded to OH2.3 and that solved my issue. I don’t know the exact root cause but I didn’t have the time to figure it out. If anyone makes any progress on 2.4 please let me know!

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Anymore ideas for this issue?
I am tempted to downgrade to 2.3 and see if that solves this