Z-Wave: Two rollershutters with one controller?

Hi all,

has someone experiences with connecting two rollershutters to one z-wave gate controller? We don’t need to control both rollershutters independently and therefore we’re thinking about using only one controller.
For a “non-automated” setup this seems to be possible with an isolating relay (I hope that is the right translation for German “Trennrelais”), so our idea is to use this one in front of a Fibaro FGRM222. But I don’t know if this is working, I think this could lead to issues with the calibration for example. Both rollershutters have nearly the same length (both windows have the same size).

Is here someone that has experiences with such a setup or knows a Z-Wave rollershutter controller that allows connecting two rollershutterse?

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I don’t have any experience with roller shutters, but you could have 2 controllers and use a rule to make them both work at the same time

I agree. The rollershutters are very likely to have stop contacts in their fully-up and fully-down positions, even if your OR them together with logic gates, they will desynchronize over time (usually weeks, not months!).

You will be off much better and keep your 2 years of warranty if you just grab 2 of these roller shutter actors.

You can bind both things (controllers) to the same item and control them fully synchronized. I do this with my z-wave outlets:

Switch living_moodlights "Kuschellicht" /**/ (living, lights) {channel="zwave:device:bridge:node10:switch_binary, zwave:device:bridge:node2:switch_binary"}

Edit: You probably will think that those actors won’t start to move at exactly the same time, because they are addressed one after the other, but the delay is somewhere between 3-10ms and hardly noticable even with lights. It probably won’t be noticable with rollershutters.

Hello Chris

As long as they are exatly same, there is no problem.
We have 2 rollershutters in your flat, which are seperated by a piece of wall. Before I started with automatisation, they only had one wallcontroller and nowadays I use them on one FGRM. And it works like a charm

But be aware, if they have different runtimes. Then you drive better with @gersilex and @Branden_Smale Inputs. Spend 50€ more and get two controllers.


Hi all,

Thank you all for your suggestions, I read those but missed to write down our solution.

We got it working using such an isolation relay (/“Trennrelais”). The one we bought is called “Trennrelais R1-UNI”.

This connects the two rollershutters and we are using one Fibaro FGRM222 connected to the relay. Works perfect, but maybe only, because both rollershutters have the same length.

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