Z-Wave Unknown Device: Enbrighten Smart Fan Control

There appears to be a new version of the GE/Jasco/Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Fan Control. The new version is not automatically discovered, and I’m left with the Unknown Device error. It looks like this version has only been sold for a few months. It’s device ID # 55258.

Here’s the spec for it: https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/3928.

I started to look into adding it to the database, but I’m unsure if I should create a new device or if this is just a variation of the same device. I believe it’s a variation of this: OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database.

Any guidance is appreciated.

Please post the xml file generated by OH and a link to the manual. If it indeed has the same capabilities with just different device parameters it is easiest to add to the existing entry.

If it is different, then it probably needs a new entry. The database entries are primarily based off the xml file which is the information from the device. The zwave alliance is sometimes used for additional information if needed.

EDIT: I looked at the manual from the alliance site. the device may be similar enough to include into the existing entry, The entry has a configuration parameter for the LED that your device may lack. We need the xml file to verify your device type & id though.

The forum lost your xml file but fortunately I grabbed it yesterday. I just finished entering & approving the database entry do it will likely get exported in about a week & make it into a snapshot binding.

Just installed (what I believe is) the same device and having the same unknown device issue. The XML -
node17.xml (6.0 KB)
node17.xml (6.0 KB)

IOt is the same device. What version of OH are you running? That device is currently only recognized in 3.1.0M4 and newer.

Still on 2.2. Haven’t touched this stuff in years but did some renovations and need to add more switches. Sounds like I’m going to have to finally dive into figuring out the upgrade process :confused:

From 2.2 you might be better to install from scratch. There was a huge jump from 2.5 to 2.5 and a big one from 2.5 to 3…0 or 3.0 Milestones.

I started here 2 years ago around the time of the big changes in 2.5 Milestone 2.