Z-Wave: unknown device Eurotronic Door/Window Contact Z-Wave Plus , how to add?

Hello OH Community,

just doing my first baby steps in OH3 and managed to add an Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5+ and an Eurotronic Spirit Plus Thermostat. But i can not add the Eurotronic Door/Windows Contact Plus which is marked as an unknown device. As far as i read it is not included in the device database and i’m not sure if i’m able to add it on my own. Can someone help me out or point me in the right place?

The manual can be found here: https://eurotronic.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Door-Window-Contact-Z-Wave-Plus_BDA_web_EN.pdf



It is a community database with the instructions here. Basically, all you need is the Xml generated by the device in your userdata/zwave folder and the manual to add configuration parameters.


Hi Bob,
thanks for the info, sadly this is beyond my technical skills. I currently testing home automation in parallel which is able to detect the sensor out of the box. May be i find a way to port their information to openhab. Unitl further decided i close this topic.