Z-Wave - Unknown Device - PAN04


I am new here and when I tried to install my first device I saw that there is an issue with the DB. When I checked the DB I found the device but, I am not sure if it has the same Type:Id. How can i know what is the Type:Id of my device and how can I fix it?


Z-Wave Node 005 (013C:0001:0061:1.10)

Unknown Device

Welcome and congrats on including your first zwave device!

Sometimes it takes a little bit of time for devices to become known, sometimes I have gone into the device and issued a re-initialize.

Also what version of OH are you using along with what version of the zwave binding?


OH version: 2.4.0-1
zwave binding version: 2.4.0
I also reset the device a few times and initialized it, but it didn’t help

For kicks do you want to try the 2.5 zwave binding? I had some issues on the 2.4 one that went away after going to 2.5 milestone 1.

It’s right here:

Manufacturer 013C, type 0001, id 0061, firmware 1.10.

Your device is not in the database, I’v added it, after the changes got merged into the binding you need to upgrade to the latest 2.5 snapshot zwave binding.


How do I upgrade the binding?

This question is answered several times a week, please use the search function.