Z-wave UZB after hard reset see nothing


I m beginner in Openhab2, but i bind everything what i wanted - wifi (neato, chromecast, receiver, plex…)
But, with zwave UZB i have big trouble.

first, after sucessfully binding zwave controller i found 10 unknow nodes. i dont know why.
second, i tryied bind sensor fibaro fgsm001 v3.3 and it was sucessfully, but openhab cant be able read any data from this sensor.
So, i did hard reset of UZB and now i cant detected over UZB controller any senzors, nodes, just nothing

what should I do?

UZB is properly bind, status - online, channels like ‘start frames, frames rejected’ …etc are bind as items too.

sorry maybe is this stupid question, but im stuck here right now.
Openhab2 is on UBUNTU 19_04, on wmvare instance.
UZB hub is connected in USB card passthrough. (
Probably not a problem here)

thanks a lot.


I am not sure how ti direct you but our dedicated Z-Wave developer & other experts should be along shortly.

Always good to start off with OH version, which I assume is the same as your zwave binding version? If you’d previously included the devices before the hard reset of your controller, then you will need to either hard reset the devices or exclude them, before you can include them again.

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After mayby 10 attemps i connected sensor to openhab.
first as unknow device, after next few attempts, like fibaro motion sensor.

but, still i dont see any data from senzor. all are in status: -NaN
problem is:

device discovery could not resolve to a thingtype! Manufacturer data not know.

Probably have i add some configuration about fgms-001 sensor in same place?
but this sensor should be supported
what now? i saw cd-jackson page with xml configuration fibaro fgms-001.
but i dont know what a where to do …

OH version? Zwave binding version?

Tomorow morning i see temperature data and battery level! miracle!
hm… but sensor luminance is 0…(yesterday was value: -NaN, so, some value sensor sended to OH?..)
little bit mystery binding with zwave…:slight_smile:

OpenHab version: 2.4.0 release build
Zwave binding version
Zwave version… i dont know, where is this information …logs are unavailable right now.
(over VPN i see only localhost web OH)

If these are battery devices, you will need to manually wake them up so that the binding can complete the initialization. Otherwise, they will wake up based on their wakeup interval, which could take days… or never.

If you have not updated the binding, then you are using the version that shipped with OH 2.4. This is very old and may not have all of your devices. To find the zwave binding version, type this in your console

list -s } grep zwave

There is a typo. It should be

list -s | grep zwave

The pipe symbol with spaces on either side.

Thans, and for case, that version will be old, how to update?
i found thread - ZWave binding updates
(bundle:update org.openhab.binding.zwave https://openhab.jfrog.io/openhab/online-repo-snapshot/2.4/org/openhab/binding/org.openhab.binding.zwave/2.4.0-SNAPSHOT/org.openhab.binding.zwave-2.4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar )

is that correct?

I would use the update script.

Thanks, after update i have 2.4 version, but sensor is offline right now.
zwave controller is online.