Z-Wave Wall Plug manually Switch NOT updating Item

I have a Z-Wave NAS-WR01ZE Metered Wall Plug Switch

when I press the physical button on the switch the item is not updated.

When I use the switch on “Basic UI” or the “Android app” I see the change in my event.log

Openhab 2.5.7 Release Build
org.openhab.binding.zwave 2.5.7

I have no idea how to diagnose this further

You’ll need to look in the log… https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/zwave/#when-things-don-t-go-as-planned.

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THX for your response

Link to z-wave log file

the log file is only filled when I switch the switch via a GUI! (Android app/Basic UI)
When I press the physical button on the “Wall Plug” nothing is visible in the log file
okb (NULL kb) is added to the log file.

My experience is that several Z-wave devices, especially the ones not Z-wave+, do not report the manually changed status.

Most devices should send reports - if associations are configured - there are only a few very old devices that don’t support this.

ZWave+ makes this easier as it reports these, so the binding can automatically work out what needs to be configured, however if something goes wrong during the initialisation, then this can potentially get skipped.

I would suggest to try and configure the lifeline, or, you can reconfigure the device completely - there is an option to do this in the UI (in the config parameters).

it’s working again. don’t know exactly what de solution whas.
I did a reinitialise of the device and restart Openhab.
Thanks for the tips and advise.