Z-Wave YRD446

I am trying to add a new z-wave device, but have some questions. On @chris site, I see:


Endpoint 0 has no command class linked to the basic class.
Device supports configuration, but no parameters are defined.

I am just not sure how to fix that. I also see that everything is checked UnSec, but I would think it should be Secured.

I’ve fixed this - I just ticked BASIC in the DOOR_LOCK command class (this is probably correct - if not we can fix it later).

This probably requires more work… The following table in the manual needs to effectively be input into the database -:

To start this, click on the green + button in the configuration section.

You’ll get the following -:

Hopefully most information will be self explanatory - the main things are just the parameter number, size, and description.

You’re probably right - don’t worry about this though - the binding doesn’t use the information from the database here so it will be secured :wink: .

Thanks for the help! I added the information.