Z-wave Z-Way Serial Ports USB Stick License Software Confusion

Previous PI 4 8GB Current PI 3 with OpenHABian from 1/7/2020
After spending a few minutes reading the install guide for a Raspberry PI my first 4 attempts failed:
WiFi requires modifying files and adding files and that requires hunting down the current correct configurations

Z-wave.me products, UZB, UZB+license, RAZBERRY2 each require different methods of installation

RAZBERRY2 requires disabling the Raspberry PI Bluetooth controller to gain access to Serial0, the real UART not the mini uart at Serial1 Openhabian-config can do that since raspi-config does not exist.

Z-Wave Serial Controller and Z-Way Server - Does the RAZBERRY2 need Z-Way?

I have Z-Wave Thing “ONLINE” but when I add Z-Way Thing it fails with authentication error yet I’m at Administration installing Things as admin…
I have one room with a thermostat RTC 0098 CT100 where do I do zwave inclusion of 0098? Google zwave inclusion returns pages of zwave inclusion “how to” but none from Openhab…

My understanding is that Z-Way does Z-Wave so having both bindings installed could very well cause issues.