Z-Wave: Zipato Bulb 2

Hi, does anybody know how to get the Zipato Bulb 2 running with the Z-Wave binding? I think it must be configured manually, because it does’nt seem to be supportet in cd-jackson’s device database. Any help wlecome.

If it’s not in the database, then I would guess it needs to be added before it will work.

So, I have to provide a configuration XML for that device? Right? I remember i saw some instructions how to do it. I’ll try to create it.

The instructions are here. The database actually generates the XML for the binding - the data is entered directly into the web UI for the most part. It’s explained in the link anyway, but if there’s any questions, just ask :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the link, that’s the one I saw previously. But while reading it,I checked the device list again and I think i found the bulb:


Manufacturer id, device id, device type and firmware version fit. Now I don’t know what to do. HABmin shows these attributes for the item.

0131 Zipato

Type / ID:

Firmware Version:

Z-Wave Plus Node Type:

Basic Class:

Generic Class:

Specific Class:

What version of the binding are you using? Maybe it’s not in your version if it’s an old one - I’d suggest to ensure you’re using a recent snapshot.

Hi, thanks that was the correct advice. I updated the binding from 2.1.0 to and now my bulb is no longer a unknown device. Everything is working fine now but the color control. Changing the color of the bulb is not working. Hope to find a solution for this …

… I can’t find the solution to get color control working. Any suggestions by anyone?