ZEN74 and OH 2.5.12

Hi all,

New user here who has recently installed a series of Zooz 700 Series ZEN74 dimmer switches throughout my home. I’m currently running OH 2.5.12 with the Zwave binding @ 2.5.12 as well. I have a couple of questions which I hope someone can quickly point me to the proper resource.

[1] Is there an updated JAR/zwave binding that supports the ZEN74 switches ?
[2] If there is no current support, is there another Zooz ‘Model’ that will operate these switches ?

It would also be greatly appreciated if an example could be provided of a thing and an item for type switch_dimmer. Or perhaps someone could confirm this is correct (even though the device is not for the ZEN74).

zooz_zen27v2_02_000     dimmer1         [ node_id=3 ]

Dimmer  ZW_Foyer_Dimmer         "Foyer Dimmer Switch"              { channel="zwave:zooz_zen27v2_02_000:2be431f7:dimmer1:switch_dimmer" }

Much appreciated !

Unfortunately the OH maintainers dropped support for OH2 so there are no new bundles being built.

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Hi Chris,

I had no idea, I used OH many years ago and recalled this is how things used to work. Apparently I have lots to catch up on these days. I hate to ask this but what are my options if I need to maintain use of OH 2.15.12 ? Worse case I have to run two separate OH installations to maintain bindings that are no longer being maintained in 3 and those that are. Ouch !

Regardless, I do appreciate all the effort you’ve (and others that have put forth support) provided towards OH and Zwave support.

Unfortunately, as OH2.5 isn’t supported, you would need to try and build everything your self. If you are “just” talking about ZWave, and just want to add new devices, then directly editing the JAR to add new XML files is probably easiest. You can’t build the binding as there are no core artefacts available now - you could also build the core as well to get these artefacts which would then allow you to build the zwave binding.

I know this isn’t ideal by any means. Part of this is caused by Bintray (which used to host the artefacts) closing down, and the OH core maintainers didn’t want to spend the time to publish new artefacts which means we can’t build bindings etc without building everything locally.

This actually isn’t as bad as it sounds due to the new Remote binding, which enables an OH3 system to see items on an OH2 system. The OH3 server can do all of the heavy lifting while the OH2 server just provides the items with old bindings. Saying that, I agree that it’s not ideal to run two servers.

What bindings do you use that aren’t maintained in OH3?

Thank you @chris and I apologize for the late response. I received a Pi3 on Sunday and quickly loaded OH3.1. I was able to move my Zwave config’s over and I’m successfully up and running. I must say that I love the new interface and the ability to define everything from a file (I hope this never goes away).

I’m running an Envisalink binding for a Honeywell V20p. It works amazingly well. I initially tried to load this in an OH3 environment but to no avail so I reverted to 2.5.12 stable. For me, the security system was far more important than Zwave. Hopefully the amazing person responsible for this binding will make the necessary adjustments and I’ll be able to converge these two systems. I ran out of time so I’ll need to come back and research the Remote binding. Thanks for suggesting this as I definitely need to bridge these two systems somehow/way.